Frequently Asked Question

1) We have over 300+ satisfied customers and an established track record.
2) We have clients all over India, USA, Canada. Soon we are expanding services In UK & Australia.
3) We're a team that deliver results

Regardless of industry, a company's internet presence can have a significant impact on its success. Some businesses still don't recognise that the majority of their clients will check their website before making a purchase in this day and age.

It completely depends how large is the content and how many pages it has. If its a 5 page website, we can complete the project within a week but if its for a larger enterprise then it will be discussed on the discovery call.

Because social media allows you to reach, nurture, and engage with your target audience regardless of their location, it is critical. When a company can interact with its audience through social media, it can increase brand exposure, lead generation, sales, and revenue.

Yes, we provide discounts to selected customer, we request you to call on +91 (9158) 59-69-69 to check the deals and offers.

For website design we charge 50% upfront and for social media marketing we charge 100% management fees.