Terms Of Service

1) All estimations are based on our understanding of your needs and are provided within the specified time limit. Any modifications to the functionality or service, even minor enhancements, may result in increased fees if not discussed in the discovery call. In a face-to-face meeting, please confirm and explain everything that you need.

2) By accepting a quotation, you agree to and accept Synapse Worldwide Pty Ltd’s terms and conditions. Acceptance can be expressed verbally, by email, through payment of the Initiation fee, or by signing a quotation.

3) Clients should double-check that all of their criteria have been included in the quotes/proposals/estimates and that we completely comprehend their needs.

4) Clients must supply us with clear instructions, as well as the flow and any other information they may require. We shall proceed with our knowledge of the needs and quote appropriately if such information is not supplied.

5) Any rework on a task that has previously been performed may incur extra costs. Any modifications to the design after it has been approved will be subject to extra fees.

6) The content of the website and any relevant documents must be supplied by the customer, and any content creation will be charged.

7) 50% Of the website development must be paid by the client before starting the project and remaining 50% after the project is completed.

8) For social media and google ads 100% fees must be paid upfront.